World Hydrogen Derivatives Agenda



9 - 10 October 2023, Mainport Hotel, Rotterdam

Hydrogen Derivatives content at World Hydrogen Week

World Hydrogen Derivatives has sold out. However, there are still plenty of derivatives-focused sessions taking place at World Hydrogen Congress from 10-13 October, to support your decarbonisation journey.

10 Oct 2023 | Mainport, Rotterdam

Green Energy Park Krk, the Central European gateway for ammonia imports
Speaker: Hybart

Panel:Decarbonising mobility with clean hydrogen 
Speakers: Hypermotive, Toyota Motor Europe, Nilsson Energy, HydrogenOne Capital, ZEV Station

 A holistic view on hydrogen shipping
Speaker: PwC Strategy

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11-12 Oct 2023 | World Trade Centre, Rotterdam

Who will buy? Building up global hydrogen export markets: balancing a sustainable value chain, subsidies and offtake 
Speakers: H2Global Stiftung, InterContinental Energy, CWP Global, HyDeal, Fortescue

Fuelling the future: Realities of gigawatt-scale renewable hydrogen production - do we need to scale down to scale up?
Speakers: Aurora Energy Research, ATOME Energy, John Cockerill, Engie, Green Hydrogen Systems

Panel: How hydrogen derivatives are changing the traditional value chain
Speakers: New Energy Business School, Sunfire, HyCC, Cadent

Delivering commercially viable hydrogen from MENA to Europe via LOHC
Speaker: Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies 

Fireside chat: Ammonia, unlocking liquid hydrogen transportation
Speakers: ACME Group, Technip Energies, Lloyds Register

Fireside chat: View from the offtaker: Who are the end-use players in the market for hydrogen and its derivatives?
Speakers: EOX Tractors, Deutsche Post DHL Group, HyExchange

Innovative catalysts for hydrogen conversion facilitating the energy transition
Speaker: Clariant

LOHC-MCH: myth and advantages as a hydrogen carrier
Chiyoda Corporation Netherlands B.V.

Shipping, mobility and heavy duty vehicles: Initiatives to facilitate access to hydrogen and enable growth of infrastructure
Speakers: NextChem, Transport & Environment, Daimler Truck, HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems)

Panel: Building an industrial scale green hydrogen value chain
Speakers: Centrica, Chart Industries, Iberdrola

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13 Oct 2023 | World Trade Centre, Rotterdam

Masterclass D - E-fuels and e-fertilisers
Speaker: sbh4 Consulting & Member of the Faculty, World Hydrogen Leaders

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Part of World Hydrogen Week, World Hydrogen Derivatives summit [sold out] will address how the role of derivatives can play as an energy carrier, as direct fuels for mobility applications, and to provide clean supply chains for fertiliser and chemical sectors.

Hear from over 40 leading hydrogen derivatives experts across two days of sessions on:

  • Developing strategic business cases for alternative energy carriers including green ammonia, methanol, LOHCs etc

  • Discussing hydrogen distribution methods, supply chains and import/export routes

  • Navigating the technologies of compression, liquification, (de)hydrogenation, ammonification, cracking

  • Learn from pioneering case studies from the maritime and chemicals industries

NEW: World Hydrogen Derivatives Pre-Event Webinar

Assessing the Capability of the Hydrogen Derivatives Market for Commercial Operations

Wednesday, 30 August 2023 | 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

This webinar will delve into the challenges and opportunities that are present in the hydrogen derivatives space, as well as evaluate the suitable applications across a myriad of sectors.  Webinar discussion points include:

○ Is the hydrogen derivatives market ready for commercial use?
○ How can the production and transportation of hydrogen carriers be scaled up to support wide-spread industrial decarbonisation?
○ What role will hydrogen derivatives play and which carrier will be the most effective in the energy transition?

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Wherever you fit into the hydrogen derivatives value chain, we would love to have your involvement in the programme.

From panel discussions to technology focused case study presentations, there are a range of opportunities available across the two days.

If you want to find out more and discuss our speaker opportunities further, please email:


Vaughn Clarke-Williams

Programme Director